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Tears of the Kingdom: What To Do For Those Dandelion Korok Puzzles You Keep Seeing

This weedy riddle took me longer to figure out than I’d like to admit

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Link stands in front of a Korok dandelion on a snowy hill.
Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a ton of Korok missions, just like its predecessor Breath of the Wild, but there’s a new type of Korok quest that left me confused: the dandelion.

A few hours into exploring Hyrule, I noticed a dandelion, strikingly out of place—a classic tell of a Korok among us. I climbed up the pillar where I found this dandelion. When nothing happened, no magical tree buddy appeared, no “Examine” or “Pick up” prompt came up, I did the natural thing. I hit that weed with the deadly weapon I wielded. The dandelion went fluttering. I panicked. I thought of the Korok balloon trials, where you have to hit one or several (often moving) balloons, all in the name of getting a measly Korok poop—I mean seed. I shot off several arrows in vain. Am I not hitting it? Why is the target so small? And why must it move around so much?


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Inevitably, the dandelion would fall to the ground, and it would return to its perch where I found it. I continued to waste many an arrow before thinking to myself, “No, I definitely hit it that time. This can’t be it.”


I went to meet the dandelion on the ground. Maybe I had to hit it there? Don’t ask why I was so intent on causing injury to this little plant. Besides, I’ve seen what you’ve all done to Koroks. I did try to hit the dandelion, but mid-way through my swing, I noticed a prompt. One I had hoped would come up when I first found the dandelion in the first place.

So how do I solve the Tears of the Kingdom Korok seed dandelion puzzle?

To get the Korok seed from the dandelion, you have to hit it. Then, race down to the bottom (likely making use of your paraglider) and wait for it to reach you where you can quickly press the A to “Examine” when it gets close enough.

The "Examine" prompt appears, allowing Link to collect the Korok seed.
Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

A few things to note. Firstly, you’ll want to look up to keep track of where that anger-inducing weed is going to fall. The dandelions don’t always fall in exactly the same spot. You’ll also want to be ready because it’ll quickly disappear back up to where you found it if you don’t respond right away.


It’s almost by accident that I figured this out. So don’t be like me. Glide down with grace and save your arrows for the balloons.