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Street Fighter 6 Tournament Accidentally Flashes Chun-Li Nude Mod

Organizers Corner2Corner apologized for the mistake and said it’ll never happen again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Street Fighter's Chun-Li stares with a disappointed look on her face.
Screenshot: Group TAC / Kotaku

A recent Street Fighter 6 European tournament saw quite the blunder as the event’s host, who was streaming the competition from their PC, accidentally left a nude mod for Chun-Li on during a match.

Things were off to a normal start during a July 31 tourney hosted by the Twitch channel Corner2Corner, as players pulled up to the weekly competition series.


Unfortunately, in the seventh of 96 matches for the day, things went awry. Between competitors Lensta’s Kimberly and Packz’s Chun-Li, the fight kicked off with the latter in the complete nude. Even the commentators couldn’t figure out how to address what one called the “interesting Chun-Li costume” as they nervously chuckled. According to a tweet from self-proclaimed “drama YouTuber” Nicholas DeOrio, the tournament host forgot to turn their naked mod off. In the end, the players exited the match, the organizers restarted the game to remove the mod, and everyone resumed the tournament. Packz was taken out by Lensta, who was, in turn, defeated in the second round. Packz, for his part, continued showing off his skills in the losers’ bracket before getting eliminated in the fourth round. Lensta was summarily eliminated in the losers’ bracket’s fourth round as well, with Guile player and Kick streamer imstilldadaddy winning the tournament.


Corner2Corner, the event’s organizers, commented the situation on August 1 saying, the nude mod was “accidentally left on for a few seconds,” calling it a mistake that will never happen again.

“Corner2Corner wish to address a recent mistake made on stream in which a graphical mod was accidentally left on for a few seconds in our recent tournament,” the group tweeted. “Some news stories have incorrectly blamed one of the players—this is NOT the case, it was our hosts PC streaming the match and his responsibility.”

The group also asked folks not to blame the players who competed in the tournament.


“Any negativity towards any players as a result of this genuine mistake is unacceptable and that is why we are making this statement,” Corner2Corner tweeted. “The mod is now removed—nothing like this will ever happen again.”

Kotaku reached out to Corner2Corner and Packz for comment.