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Street Fighter 6 Cheat Turns Commentators Into Animals

The streets are alive with the sound of zoo animals thanks to this hidden SF6 commentary code

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A Street Fighter 6 image shows Juri Han standing next to a rooster and a horse wearing a gaming headset.
Image: Capcom / Kotaku / Mars Gaming / igoriss / MilesStones (Getty Images)

Street Fighter 6 players have uncovered a hidden code in the game that transforms its commentators into shout-casting animals.

Capcom’s latest game shows no signs of slowing down in popularity following its record-breaking June release and the addition of fan-favorite character Rashid. While the fighting game community has been hard at work adding their own catalog of mods to the game to “spice” things up, none of them quite reach the heights of a good old-fashioned hidden input code that savvy players would use in the franchise’s arcade era. It looks like SF6 is continuing that legacy.


According to the fighting game YouTube account HiFight (which credits the discovery to Twitter user pika0722chu_) if you input a certain command while you and your opponent are on the versus screen—the one where you can make silly faces—the commentary team will literally bark like animals during matches. Unlike the kind of “barks” Ryu and Ken would do while throwing a punch or kicking, the shoutcasters who narrate matches will screech like a cat, trumpet like an elephant, roar like a tiger, bark like a dog, neigh like a horse, and crow like a rooster whenever you successfully land a hit on your opponent. You can hear for yourself below.

HiFight / Capcom

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If you want to give the cheat a whirl in your own SF6 match on your respective console, here’s how:


PlayStation: Down, R1, Up, L1, Square, X, Triangle, and Circle

Xbox: Down, RB, Up, LB, X, A, Y, B

According to GameSpot, the code is a reference to the 16-bit-era code players would use at the start-up screen to get alternate colors and play mirror matches in Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. You’ll know you successfully input the barnyard commentary code correctly when you hear a little chime sound effect before your match starts.

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SF6 players were first made wise to a hidden easter egg in the fighter’s mock live commentary feature when director Takayuki Nakayama teased players on his official Twitter account for not uncovering it since the game’s big launch in June. Nakayama said that “there is a hidden command in the commentary function, but it seems that no one has noticed it yet.” Apparently, that goading was enough to motivate pika0722chu_ to find the code. They posted their video revealing the barnyard commentary code a mere three days after Nakayama’s taunt.