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It’s likely not the developer’s response to Zangief being over-the-top stupid in the movie (“Quick, change the channel!”)...but I would like to think it is.  Read more

Surprising that Zangief is that intelligent, but it oddly makes sense given an unnaturally huge body like that would need to be from a deep understanding of body building. Read more

While I knew Zangief is smarter than he looks, didnt realize he is an avid reader
Read more

Places like the SNES port’s manual would mention it, probably a bunch of others. Read more

Well, being a good sport is part of fighting on a professional level. Read more

I also remember knowing that E. Honda’s name was Edmond, but I have no idea why or how I knew that. There was no internet back then, I didn’t read any Street Fighter comics, I knew that before I saw any screen adaptations. When and where was that conveyed, exactly? Read more

Ryu’s that ‘one friend’ who seems to always have the best stories, lots of cool people he’s met, very fish-out-of-water who a lot of people would love to be like.... until they meet Ken and Chun-Li who love him but are exasperated by the fact that he just doesn’t do adulting.  Read more

Blanka, Dan and Sakura have been a thing since Street Fighter IV and maybe even as far back as the Alphas (I can’t remember.) Read more

I like how the game actually tells us that the “Wandering warrior” lifestyle Ryu has, turned him into a hobo.

Thank god Ken and Chun-Li are around Read more

As a college arts educator, holy shit are you on the money in that parenthetical. I teach film and TV classes and most colleges are thrilled to hire industry veterans who may never have set foot inside a classroom before they get thrown onto campus. I lucked out and only ran into one burnout with no teaching skill in Read more

All of her students are novices, a mixture of young children and senior citizens. She is vastly overqualified for her job Read more

Loved this for Chun, and much of the setting in general. After Bison’s death, Shadaloo is still active but being mopped up by the global military forces. The situation in Nayshall (and one of Dhalsim’s win quotes) shows that evil will always rear its head, but the sense you get is that the Street Fighter world is Read more

I’ve got an almost unclearable wall with fighting games - arthritis-related issues mean I just don’t have the dexterity to play at anywhere approaching a skill level for online play, so as much as I adore the stories and characters I usually give them a pass. Read more

They’re excellent examples of level design. Anyone making video games could benefit from studying those park layouts. Read more

That “show line” is important at Disneyland as well. My wife and I were riding the train around the park, and there’s a point where you can “kind of” see backstage, where the parade floats start moving from backstage near It’s A Small World into the park. There’s actually a railroad crossing that they have to go Read more

I was on a press trip once to Disney World, and we got to have lunch at Cinderella’s Castle. I asked our minder during lunch how many Cinderellas there were, and he gave me the same answer. Not realizing how committed he was going to be to the bit, I asked again, and he kind of nervously laughed and repeated the line. Read more