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Outriders Is Finally Giving Some Players Back Their Lost Gear

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
outriders legendary weapons inventory wipe
Image: People Can Fly / Square Enix

Of all the many (many) issues to plague Outriders since its early April launch, few have caused more pain than the insidious inventory-deletion bug. As of today, affected players should start to see lost gear return, developer People Can Fly announced via the game’s subreddit.

Shortly after the loot-shooter launched for basically all the platforms, certain unlucky players logged in only to find all of their weapons and armor missing. What’s more, some of those players were then unable to even log in at all as their affected characters, meaning it was impossible to reclaim any lost ground. People Can Fly quickly said a fix was in the works, but prior updates haven’t addressed the issue.


Today’s fix will only affect those in what People Can Fly calls “Group A,” or players who currently can’t log in as affected characters. (People Can Fly says that “most affected players will be in this group.”) Those in “Group B”—or players who lost gear but can still log in—will come at an unspecified date down the line.

There are some ground rules:

  • Anything you had equipped on your character at the time of deletion will be restored, regardless of rarity.
  • All of your legendary items, too, regardless of if they were on your person or not.
  • From there, it’s a bit dicey. You’ll only get the 20 most recent items back, sorted by two hierarchical levels of prioritization. The first is rarity (from Epic, or purple, down). The second is calculated by the “date acquired.”
  • There’s also the possibility that you’ll receive up to 20 Legendary weapons you’ve previously discarded. “These items will be god-rolled,” says People Can Fly, “and can be freely sold, scrapped, or used.” Sounds good to me!

The rollout will take place over the next 24 hours.

Outriders has no doubt gone through some turbulence over the past five weeks, with issues running the gamut from standard-issue connection failures to more serious fare, like this gear-deletion bug. Following last week’s update—the “biggest” one to date—the notorious “sign in” bug is not nearly as much of an issue as it was at launch. If this inventory restoration goes off without a hitch, that’ll go a long way toward making the game more approachable than it has been at any point since launch—if, that is, players are still interested in going on this ride after all the bumps.