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Outriders Had A Rough Launch, So Now Fans Get A 'Frustration' Emote

A perfect emote to have for those still playing Outriders

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: People Can Fly / Kotaku

Outriders has had a rough time after its April 1 launch, with server crashes, bugs, baffling nerfs, items disappearing, and more. It’s an extremely frustrating situation. And it seems Outriders developer People Can Fly understands this. In response, it has released a new community appreciation package that contains various goodies, including a new “frustrated” emote.

Announced and released yesterday, the community appreciation package is an attempt at a make-good after months of player frustration and disappointment. Alongside the package, People Can Fly also made some smaller game balance changes and promised more content and changes soon.


The silliest and yet most perfect gift in the bundle is a new “frustration emote.” Considering how often Outriders breaks or annoys its players, this will be used a lot. In fact, this very community package, meant to appease an angry player base, is suffering from a bug itself. Players are supposed to get a new, powerful legendary weapon—one that you’ve never received before via loot drops or chests. However, some players are reporting that they are getting dupes of legendaries they already had. People Can Fly says it’s working on a fix for this issue. In the meantime, you can use that new emote to share your feelings on the situation.


Outriders released back in April to numerous problems and issues. Some of these, like inventories being wiped completely, have mostly been fixed. Other issues, including the extremely annoying disconnect bug that kicks players in the middle of missions, are still around, causing headaches for folks still playing. Another problem that has developed is a lack of content. The endgame isn’t very good, failing to offer players a lot of reason to stick around, and many folks, including myself, have bounced from the game only a few months after launch.

Will this make-good package work? I’m doubtful. But looking at how rough things have been over the last few months, and the lack of any exciting content roadmaps, I’m guessing folks will be getting a lot of use out of this new frustration emote. So that’s something.