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Looks Like Lego Animal Crossing Sets Are Coming

According to reliable leakers, five Animal Crossing-themed Lego sets will be released in 2024

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A screenshot shows Tom Nook and Isabelle from Animal Crossing.
Screenshot: Nintendo

Nintendo and Lego are planning to release Animal Crossing Lego sets according to the latest information from reliable Lego leakers online. While this news might be exciting, keep in mind none of this has been confirmed by Lego or Nintendo yet. Still, the idea of a Lego minifig version of Tom Nook is making me very happy.

Lego and Nintendo have already been working together for some time now. In 2020, we got our first official Lego Mario sets which included an advanced, electronic Mario figure. Since then, Lego and Nintendo have released more and more sets, including a giant Bowser, a Lego-built NES, and even a buildable Question Mark Block from the Mario series. This is all well and good, but Nintendo has many other franchises that are perfectly suited for Lego, so it’s nice to hear some credible rumors pointing toward the existence of Animal Crossing Lego sets.


Earlier this week, a handful of reliable Lego leakers across Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube suggested that Nintendo and Lego were working on five Animal Crossing sets that are planned to be released in March 2024. Exabrickslegogo was one of the first leakers to report on the sets after their rumored IDs appeared on Brickmerge, a site that scrapes Lego’s backend looking for any new sets or changes. While Brickmerge’s data doesn’t say what these sets are—just their piece count and release window—Exabrickslegogo and Falconbricks have claimed they are the Animal Crossing sets so many people have wanted for years.


In the past, these accounts have leaked Lego sets months before they were officially revealed or sold. So when they posted on August 2 that five Animal Crossing Lego sets were rumored to be in development, the Lego community got very excited. Other leakers and Lego content creators have since backed up the rumors and added that Lego is planning to release minifigs of various Animal Crossing characters with new molded heads that should look very similar to their in-game counterparts.

According to the leakers, here are the five sets planned for release with their rumored prices and datamined piece counts:

  • Set 77046 – $14.99 (170 pieces)
  • Set 77047 – $19.99 (164 pieces)
  • Set 77048 – $29.99 (233 pieces)
  • Set 77049 – $39.99 (389 pieces)
  • Set 77050 – $74.99 (535 pieces)

Of course, let’s not forget that plans can change. It’s possible one or more of these apparent sets could get delayed or outright canceled. (That’s happened in the past.) It’s also possible that the toy company was indeed working on Animal Crossing sets, as reflected in its database, but that Nintendo and Lego have already canceled the sets and moved on.

Or perhaps the Lego leakers are right once again, and Animal Crossing Lego sets will launch on May 1, 2024. If that’s the case, be prepared for them to sell out very, very fast.