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To be fair, that was probably the single funniest line in the entire movie. Read more

I love this. Everything we see in the game gives us the impression that the Street Fighter characters are well-known, respected people in their world. Their success and notoriety probably has a lot to do with why martial arts has become so popular. Read more

As a teacher for 16 years, I see what you mean. Point taken.  Read more

This is a fair point. I’m an entertainment/pop culture writer, so this is what I write about? But yes, this is not unique to Disney, nor is it the most egregious example of corporate greed. Read more

I appreciate that, thanks! I kind of loved the guy’s response, even though I wished that I got a straight answer. Read more

I love the very concept of a ride/attraction — that people got together to build a machine that has no practical, grounded purpose. It exists to create fun and laughter. Read more

I went to Disneyland in February with my wife and son, and I came to the same conclusion that you did — that if we’ve made the decision to go, then we need to commit and spend. No half measures. We won’t be going back for another decade as well, which means that we fit nicely into Disney’s long term plans. Read more

Oh, I love Defunctland. That guy really knows how to put together a video essay. Read more

Oof. Based on these comments, we have a cultural blindspot here. Read more

So his contempt of the guests and his refusal to fawn was part of that. Read more

His entire schtick, for years, was being the “anti” Tonight Show. The late night shows used to pride themselves on being seamless and smooth. Pre-packaged, tightly scripted bits. Letterman was the guy where if the smoke machine wasn’t working, he’d tell the camera to zoom up on it, and get a closer look at the Read more

There was an editorial in Esquire about this. About how Brad Pitt is best as a supporting actor, and that he’s a quirky side man who’s been damned by leading man good looks, which are exactly the types of roles he should be avoiding. Also, that his best films are the ones that make his masculinity part of the joke. Read more

It was my privilege to work with you. Thank you for everything, and good luck wherever you go. Read more

I would tell that person that he does not have to push R2 all the way down! They made the last part hard to press on purpose, to signify that your web shooter is empty. Just press it until you feel resistance, and then let go. Don’t fight through it. Read more

Oh wow, I forgot about this. That entire launch was... interesting. Read more

I hope so too. But the potential is there. But to be fair, I don’t know how much labor it would take to map an entire game’s haptic feedback. I would guess that it takes a long time. Read more

I liked that though. I think that moving forward, the goal shouldn’t be more rumble; it should be more varied rumble. The Nintendo rumble was great because it was subtle. The DualSense is better, I think, because it’s specific. Read more

No I did not, though I do not have a home entertainment system, nor do I have high quality headphones that would do this justice. :( Read more