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Ooh calling out is a great one! I do almost all with just my partner and I, so the group dynamics work themselves out much easier. I’ve done a couple small groups and one really big group in a room with a ton of puzzles and everyone kind of did their own thing in pairs. But small groups with 2 or 3 people need to be Read more

Ok I mean like a spa vibe. I’m trying to create an e x p e r i e n c e Read more

This is definitely true for Redd, unless you buy from him. But I could have sworn Leif rotated more frequently. Will check back! Read more

There are definitely things you can’t unlock at once without time travelling  Read more

There are definitely things you can’t unlock at once without time travelling  Read more

No terraforming changes, unfortunately! But I feeeel you. I actually start totally level my island. Removing all cliffs, bridges, rivers, to start over. It felt daunting at first but I now feel a lot better? Like the possibilities are open again. Read more

I thought about this so much too. In the end, I felt freer to do what I wanted as I mentioned because what looks good is so subjective. It would probably use an algorithm based on color and style, not being able to take into account how amazing it can look when you expertly mix aesthetics. Read more

That’s fair! I will say I personally get too miffed about CGI trailers, especially if we see gameplay as development moves along. And you won’t find me among the chorus of people complaining at CGI trailers (here or on Twitter). No all game journalists think the same! Read more

I didn’t think it was too bad on that front. There are definitely some hipster elements, but Alex has a personality beyond just her music tastes. I think her being an adult also helped on this front. Read more

Yes! If you’re on the fence from 2 I would definitely play this one. I struggled to get into 2 but really loved this one! Read more

I wasn’t a big fan either so I would definitely give this a chance! Felt very different. Read more

It’s just us editors and writers so it’s hard with a small staff, but we’re always looking out for anything that’s inappropriate! Read more

I actually use the international keyboard (on a regular american qwerty)! Easier to add accent and foreign characters that way! Read more

Not sure what’s not inclusive about a black woman giving kudos to another black woman and acknowledging their shared identity. I love talking with other Puerto Ricans about being in the industry and what it’s like. Read more

Since the comments keep coming, just want to let you all know that I edited this piece, including the headline. I, like all the others Kotaku editors, are the final call on what gets published, and sometimes we get things wrong. But this is not one of those times. Read more

It’s almost like her race is part of who she is as a person and affects how she exists in the world. Wild. Read more