Quick and Easy Recipe: Appetizing Best Golden Milk – vegan

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Best Golden Milk – vegan. Naturally sweetened, incredibly healthy, and so delicious. We've been digging golden milk for a while now, so it was due time to share my go-to recipe. If you haven't tried golden milk yet, you're missing out!

Best Golden Milk - vegan Pour milk into a pot, add turmeric powder and pepper, stir it and bring to boil. Add coconut oil, let it melt and serve. My friend Bina shows me how to make turmeric milk latte – vegan style! You can have Best Golden Milk – vegan using 7 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Best Golden Milk – vegan

  1. Prepare of unsweetened plant milk of choice – soy or oat milk work well; add a splash or two of water to make up for the evaporation.
  2. It’s of green cardamom pods, cracked.
  3. You need of ground turmeric.
  4. You need of ground cinnamon.
  5. Prepare of ground ginger.
  6. You need of grinds of black pepper.
  7. Prepare of heaped tsp Sugavida (palmyra blossom sugar) – or jaggery or maple syrup.

This is based on a traditional indian recipe and is the best golden milk ever! This golden milk rice pudding makes for a perfect healthy dessert or breakfast. Jasmine rice, almond milk + golden milk spices. This rice pudding recipe is a part of the first installment, Rice!

Best Golden Milk – vegan step by step

  1. Put everything (except for the sugavida/ jaggery/ maple syrup) in a pan. Simmer on a medium-low heat until it just starts to come to the boil. Have the milk simmer for at least 10 minutes..
  2. Using a strainer, pour in a cup/ mug. (The strainer is there to catch the cardamom pods). Add sugavida/ jaggery/ maple syrup and enjoy 😋.

Along with this, we also made a vegan egg fried rice plus we have a round-up post that shares recipes so you. This iced golden milk turmeric latte is just delicious, loaded with anti-inflammatory turmeric and ancient, healing spices. I know… this iced golden milk latte looks delicious. But this Ayurvedic tonic is so much cooler than that. Well, golden milk is an ancient tea-like drink that incorporates the main ingredient, turmeric, and has been used for centuries to heal a… Soothing Bedtime Golden Milk – How to make a warm vegan turmeric latte before bed to help you sleep!