Easy Recipe: Tasty Healthy chicken burger sliders

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Healthy chicken burger sliders. #chickenburger #shreddedchickenburger #lunchboxrecipe Shredded Chicken Burger is a very healthy & delicious version of chicken burgers. These healthy Chicken Burgers make a fast and flavorful weeknight dinner. They are a delicious alternative to traditional burgers if you're trying to cut back These healthy chicken burgers are as easy to make as a traditional hamburger.

Healthy chicken burger sliders In an effort to keep Tony satisfied with his meals in addition to the both of us eating healthy, I created this tasty grilled healthy chicken burger recipe! Easy And Healthy Southwest Grilled Chicken BurgerWatch what u eat. BBQ Chicken Burgers with Caramelized OnionsJoyful Healthy Eats. You can cook Healthy chicken burger sliders using 6 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Healthy chicken burger sliders

  1. You need of minced chicken (low fat).
  2. You need of potatoes (cut to wedges).
  3. You need of onion.
  4. You need of zucchini sliced.
  5. Prepare of reduced fat cheddar cheese.
  6. It’s of tomato sliced.

Super tasty, quick, easy Chicken Burger recipe made with seasoned, crispy chicken breast. For a sensible meal option, I do tend to favour these Chicken Burgers over beef Hamburgers because they're healthier – leaner meat More Burgers, Sliders and Sandwiches. Bring these Chicken Burger Sliders to your next gathering and they will be gone fast before you know it. Tasty chicken patties and sweet caramelized onions, you will be filled and satisfied.

Healthy chicken burger sliders step by step

  1. Start with forming pattes out of the minced chicken.
  2. Grease a baking pan with canola or sunflower oil then add the pates, the sliced onions, tomatoes and zucchini.
  3. Sprinkle some salt and pepper or any spices you like … I added rosemary.
  4. Bake on 200 C. First hour cover with aluminium foil so you get all the juices out. Then remove and let it golden for 30 min.
  5. Serve in a mini bun.. add ketchup and cheese as desired. Add the zucchini, tomatoes and onions on top of the mini burger then put the cheese to melt.
  6. Enjoy 😋🍔💚.

Chicken Burger with juicy chicken patties like my Ukrainian grandma used to make. This ground chicken burger recipe will knock your family's socks off! Turkey burger with zucchini instead of breadcrumbs. Turkey sliders are low carb lettuce wrapped. HEALTHY CHICKEN SALAD SLIDERS are just what Summer ordered.