Easiest Way to Make Delicious SOUTHERN chicken sliders with Carolina coleslaw!

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SOUTHERN chicken sliders with Carolina coleslaw!. Tasty, cheesy ground chicken meatballs are served on toasted slider rolls with Ragu(R) Old World Style(R) Traditional Sauce. Sink your teeth into these Carolina-style Pulled BBQ Chicken Sliders with creamy coleslaw on a delicious sweet roll bun. This delicious Carolina coleslaw is made with a sweet and tangy vinegar dressing.

SOUTHERN chicken sliders with Carolina coleslaw! It's too hot to BBQ outside! Crispy spice crusted chicken thigh recipe with summer coleslaw that is perfect for keto diet meal prep. This crispy, juicy fried chicken sandwich is perfection paired with creamy coleslaw. You can cook SOUTHERN chicken sliders with Carolina coleslaw! using 10 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of SOUTHERN chicken sliders with Carolina coleslaw!

  1. You need of semi Freddy buns cut in half.
  2. You need of chicken breasts/or thighs.
  3. You need of cabbage for coleslaw mix.
  4. You need of rice wine vinager.
  5. It’s of sugar in the raw.
  6. You need of Seasame seeds.
  7. You need of cornstarch/flour mixture.
  8. It’s of salt n pepper.
  9. You need of season salt.
  10. You need of buttermilk.

This is the stuff your food dreams are made of. The skin gives the chicken more flavour but also allows the coating to stick better. Pair this with creamy coleslaw and a buttered brioche roll and you have sandwich. Recipe for Smoky Sweet Southern BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders – Serve on biscuits topped with coleslaw for a Southern-style party appetizer.

SOUTHERN chicken sliders with Carolina coleslaw! step by step

  1. Fry up the chicken til golden and cut them into pieces that fit on the buns.
  2. Mix up the slaw and top the chicken put the top on stick a tooth pick in and serve!.

Lawry's Sweet Southern BBQ Marinade, beer, ketchup and brown sugar make a smoky sweet sauce for pulled chicken. Southern-Style Slaw with Pecans and Maple-Dijon VinaigretteSerious Eats. These sliders are so good, they're sure to go fast. Enjoy them indoors or out, just be sure to plant your flag and claim yours before they're gone! with Homemade Pickles & Coleslaw. Football season is nearly here and you're going to need an easy and impressive recipe to show off to your tailgating pals.